Sunday, September 4, 2011

Caveman Chronicles (continued)

To get the meaning of this post you must first visit you are coming from there. In which case you would continue reading. My sub-conscious: "No fucking shit, moron!"

.....I got my bubble text alright! Are you fucking kidding me!? A pink background with the sought after bubble text! If you had been to this page before, you would know that I had a cheese burger for my background.
Now all I wanted to do was add a bubble text to my own photos. I did figure out how to add bubble texts to my photos in Open Office, but uploading them to my blog is still a mystery! I had thought that I was installing a program that would enable me to make my characters (my family) talk via speech bubble. Now I'm stuck with this gay background and I can't change it back!

I woke my wife up the morning it happened, with the computer in my lap, half laughing and half crying from the idiotic thing I had done. When I was finally able to take my eyes off of the "new look" of my blog and look at her, she was silently giggling with her eyes watering and her hand over her mouth, trying not to let out the uproar that was swelling up inside her! When she was finally able to breathe she managed to call me an idiot and began laughing again. I agreed and laughed with her.

Don't let this be me! I could probably definitely use some advice here. I'm hoping to be able to add bubble texts to my photos and restore this blog to it's original state by my next post.

Might want to give a follow....who knows what dumb ass move I will pull next!


Bart said...

wheres the blown up food?

danjor21 said...

Sorry, no blown up food today! Looks more like a blown load on my background!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

j. littlejohn said...

blown up fast food? brilliant blog name haha said...

Um, well, it's impressive to women and shows that you have girlish sensitivities. I like that. I'll follow.

Bart said...

pretty cool background